Moving Company Offers 5 Tips to Get Ready for Moving Day

Moving day will sneak up faster than you think. In order to be ready when the moving company arrives, here are some helpful tips to get you started with the packing process:

  1. Purge, Purge, Purge

Before you even think about starting to pack up boxes, take a look around at all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Are there senseless kitchen gadgets, holey jeans, or unread books you could stand to get rid of? If so, start the moving process by creating a purge pile of things you’d like to donate, sell, or dump. Getting rid of things now will not only save you money on your move but will mean there are fewer things to unpack and organize at your new home. Imagine the thrill of starting a new uncluttered life at your new abode!

  1. Save on Boxes

After you’ve sorted through what you’re keeping, it’s time to start loading boxes. Before you rush out to the store and buy brand new moving boxes, consider doing the earth a favor by purchasing some used boxes. Alternatively, you may be able to scrounge up free boxes from local grocery stores and liquor stores. Give the store manager a call, and head over early to see what unneeded boxes they have from a previous day’s shipment.

  1. Get Creative!

In lieu of boxes, you can also get creative with your packing solutions. Fill luggage with books and trashcans with cleaning supplies. To minimize the use of paper for delicate items, you may want to consider using t-shirts, towels, and even coffee filters to keep dishes from rattling.

  1. Pack It

Start by making sure the bottoms of your boxes are tightly held with a couple layers of packing tape along the bottom crease and on the sides. As you start loading your boxes, keep in mind that heavier objects, like books, should be loaded in smaller boxes, while lighter objects can be loaded into bigger boxes. Wrap delicate items like china and glassware in bubble wrap or packing paper. Take care not to use newsprint to wrap fine china, as the ink can wear off on the dishes. Try not to mix items from multiple rooms; this will create a nightmare when you’re trying to unpack and get organized in your new place.

  1. Label

As you close up each box, take time to label it with the room and a brief description of its contents. Many packers have gotten creative in recent years with color-coded labeling. With this strategy, each room has a different color e.g. pink for the kitchen, yellow for the master bedroom, baby blue for the nursery, and so on. This makes it easier to look at a pile of boxes and visually know which should go to each room.

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